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Manage all your employees’ health benefits on one platform

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No idea with what are you paying for employee health care?

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Your personal assistant to manage all your
employees’ health benefits.

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Leave the tedious manual work to us. Now you can spend more time with your employees.

Transparent Healthcare Pricing

Need to know what you’re paying for employee health care? We got it for you here.

Predictive Analytics

Not sure what to budget for next quarter? We’ve got that for you.

Health Benefits. Peace of mind for your employees, without the hassle of administrative work.

We all know medical benefits are crucial in our organisation. But the management surely isn’t easy. HealthMetrics manages your entire team’s health benefits in a single platform without a single entry onto Excel or even touch a single receipt. Best of it all, all the data are supercharged and converted into analytics for you to make smart business decisions.

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